{ llegando al límite }

"Creo que podríamos saltar desde rampas más altas. Pero probablemente en ese caso habría muchas más caídas. Estamos llegando al límite."

El gran éxtasis del escultor de madera Steiner (Die grosse Ektase des Bildschnitzers Steiner, Werner Herzog, 1974)


{ molesto con la telefónica }

"-¿Qué le parece?
-Alguien está molesto con la telefónica."

Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy, 2010)


{ mambo! }


West Side Story (Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise, 1961)

san viernes

{ el final de la fiesta }

"-¿Qué le pasa?
-Está borracho.
-Nunca bebe.
-Pues está como una cuba.
-¿A dónde va?
-A buscar el perdón.
-¿De qué?
-La fortaleza se derrumba."

Corazones Solitarios (Lonelyhearts, Vincent J. Donehue, 1958)


{ ejemplo de buena suerte }

"Esto es un ejemplo de buena suerte. Descubrir que tantas de estas personas seguían vivas, aunque olvidadas, que se sentían felices por tocar, generosos y dispuestos a compartir sus conocimientos."

Buena Vista Social Club (Wim Wenders, 1999)


{ everything around us }

"-We'll be all right, I know it. We're really together now.
-But it's not us. It's everything around us."

West Side Story (Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise, 1961)


{ no surprises }

"-Then tell me, future boy, who's the president of the United States in 1985?
-Ronald Reagan.
-Ronald Reagan? The actor?
Then who's vice president? Jerry Lewis?"

Regreso al futuro (Back to the future, Robert Zemeckis, 1985)


{ once in a lifetime }

"Yet, then -as now- the myth prevailed that there was only ever one mainstream. We were only too happy to know that our audience existed and to hoe the row in peace."

Derek (Isaac Julien, 2008)


{ how to use them }

"-You gave me these emotions. But you didn't tell me how to use them."

Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh, 1994)

como si fuera fácil


{ I might be wrong }

"-Come on.
-Is he all right?
-Sure. In two weeks he won't remember this. Or you, either.
Why don't you give your sympathy where it's appreciated?
-Where's that?"

Vidas Rebeldes (The Misfits, John Huston, 1961)


{ résiste }

"-Look, why don't you try it out here for a while, see what happens?
You know, sometimes when a person don't know what to do, the best thing is to stand still."

Vidas Rebeldes (The Misfits, John Houston, 1961)


{ character edition }

{ Notable Moustaches }
Character Edition
from NYC

Digital Army - Moustache

Andrés, Iván, thank you very much

{ alone again or }

"Vivíamos en absoluta soledad, ni aquí ni allá. Kit prefería decir aislamiento, que es más a lo que me refería. Sea cual fuere la expresión, le dije que no podíamos seguir así."

Malas Tierras (Badlands, Terrence Malick, 1973)


{ at the time }

"-A fella I knew in El Paso took all his clothes off and jumped on a cactus. I asked him the same question: why?
-He said "It seemed to be a good idea at the time."

Los Siete Magníficos (The Magnificent Seven, John Sturges, 1960)

{ like a storm }

"-What are you doing to yourself?
-You're doing more than that.
-It's like a storm. It'll pass."

Pollock (Ed Harris, 2000)


{ no, no, no }

"-Si está buscando al capitán, no está aquí.
-¿Y si no le estoy buscando?
-Sigue sin estar aquí."

De Aquí a la Eternidad (From Here to Eternity, Fred Zinnemann, 1953)


{ future ex }

"-You're married?
I'm always on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs. Malcolm."

Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg, 1993)


{ losing my patience }

"-At this moment I feel no love for you at all. I never thought that would ever happen but it has."

El Padrino. Parte II (The Godfather. Part II, Francis Ford Coppola, 1974)


{ going backwards }

"-Look, I ain't mad.
-What is wrong with you, then?
-Well, I dunno. It's just... It seems like everything's going backwards.
-You sure it's not you going backwards?"

Quadrophenia (Franc Roddam, 1979)

{ take advice }

"-So let me see.
You said... You said that I should never take advice from someone that haven't had sex with. Right? Right?

Sexo, mentiras y cintas de vídeo (Sex, lies and videotape, Steven Soderbergh, 1989)


{ the past is a grotesque animal }

-I see you had a misspent youth.
-Yes, it was.
-Why all alone? Being exclusive? Being dramatic? Being blue?"

Un lugar en el sol (A place in the sun, George Stevens, 1951)


{ wicked game }

"-I think you'll see that the object of your obsession is invariably something negative which you have no control over.
-Yeah. But how many people, do you think run around obsessing over how great and how happy things are? You know, I mean...
Maybe they do, but I don't think they're in therapy."

Sexo, mentiras y cintas de vídeo (Sex, lies and videotape, Steven Soderbergh, 1989)


{ comment te dire adieu }

"-Goodbye George.
It seems like we always spend the best part of our time saying goodbye."

Un lugar en el sol (A Place in the Sun, George Stevens, 1951)


{ supongo que puede esperar }

"-Señora Mitchell... me alegro de que Ann no esté en casa. He venido con la esperanza de poder verla a solas pero deseando que no estuviera ¿me comprende?
Hay algo que quiero decirle, pero supongo que puede esperar."

Juan Nadie (Meet John Doe, Frank Capra, 1941)

en mayo, pero de momento abril

{ happy endings? }

"-Damn it, you act as if you're in kindergarten.
This is the big, bad world full of mean people, where nasty things happen."
-Now you tell me."

Sola en la oscuridad (Wait until dark, Terence Young, 1967)


{ macbethish }

"-The general atmosphere is very macbethish. What has or is about to happen?
-What is he talking about?
-We've seen you like this before. Is it over or is it just beginning?"

Eva al desnudo (All about Eve, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950)


{ hombres buenos }

"-Conozco a esos hombres buenos. Son buenos porque no han tenido que ser malos.
Los conozco."

Corazones Solitarios (Lonelyhearts, Vincent J. Donehue, 1958)


{ one way or another }

"-I know how you feel. When Jean died...
-Maybe it's time for us to move on.
-Not everybody heals as fast as you, Logan."

X-Men 3. La decisión final (X-Men. The Last Stand, Brett Ratner, 2006)

{ cosas de tierra }

"-Cada vez que nos acercamos a la costa tienes esa mirada.
Cuando un hombre se hace a la mar debe dejar de pensar en las cosas de tierra. Ya no deben preocuparle.
Yo tuve mis problemas y todos se relacionaban con tierra. Ahora ya he acabado con la tierra y ella conmigo."

Hombres Intrépidos (The Long Voyage Home, John Ford, 1940)

{ burn brightly}

"-The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
And you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy."

Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982)